When working with couples, I combine my dynamic therapy philosophy with additional training in the Gottman method of couples’ therapy. Based on more than 30 years of research by Drs. Julie and John Gottman done at their “love lab” at the University of Washington, the Gottman method helps to address multiple layers in a relationship, from communication to emotional attunement.

The Gottmans assert that 69% of all conflicts in a relationship are unsolvable. Great news, right? Does this mean you have to resign yourself to horrible fighting for the rest of your relationship? Of course not! It all comes down to how each partner chooses to deal with the conflict, with the end goal of being able to move from gridlock to dialogue on the most difficult issues. How do we get there?

• Learn to focus on managing conflict instead of resolving conflict
• Learn how not all conflict is the same
• Emotion plays a role in conflict and can’t be ignored
• Learn how psychophysiology also plays a role and what to do about it. During a heated conflict, we can get hijacked by our body’s response that prevents us from effective communication.
• Be able to see your partner as a source of security instead of as a source of negativity

I offer general couples therapy, premarital counseling, therapy for divorce and co-parenting issues, and therapy for couples experiencing issues with affairs or infidelity.