The meaning of ‘family’ in the twenty-first century can have a very different meaning than ‘family’ had fifty years ago.  Today, families are often spread across the country, have difficulty making sense of such rapid cultural change from one generation to the next, and can find it easier to let distance grow.  Sometimes we need neutral ground to bring up and talk about long-standing issues, receiving guidance from a skilled professional to navigate the often tricky family patterns and scripts we grow up with.

Using both my dynamic philosophy and training in the Gottman method for improved communication and dialogue, I help families to better understand one another and work together to overcome challenges.

Learn to:

  • Manage conflict in a way that facilitates dialogue and brings family members closer together
  • How to create flexible boundaries that allow for family member individuality
  • How to stay connected despite differences
  • Work through difficulties in parenting or co-parenting after divorce
  • How to make sense of changes in the overall family caused by choices of a particular member

A portion of my practice is dedicated to working with families in recovery, a term used to describe the family surrounding a loved one who seeks treatment for addiction.  Often, families feel so overjoyed that the loved one has agreed to seek treatment that we don’t realize there is still a long road ahead, complete with potholes and sinkholes and construction zones we likely aren’t prepared for.  Families need to understand their role in the recovery process, how all members have been affected, and possible changes that can be made to move the family towards wellness.  My goal is to help you make sense of the changes happening and help you identify how to find balance and meaning within a difficult time.