I always say the only constant in life is change. And, frankly, that constant change isn’t easy for most of us. How do we get to the point where things feel more open, where a variety of options exist beyond the seemingly limited choices in front of us?

Through my work as a psychodynamic therapist, my goal is to help you build awareness around how you view the world and how you interact with others in relationships. I strive to understand you as a person, what motivates you, and what strengths have allowed you to arrive in this present moment. I believe we are all wired for survival and do what we know how to do in order to keep moving ourselves forward. But there comes a time to stop just surviving and start thriving. That’s where I come in.

I spent more than 15 years as an entrepreneur, figuring out how to be the best me while also raising a family, supporting a spouse, and dealing with the realities of life. I get the difficulty of multiple life demands and responsibilities. I believe that we all come with many layers to our identities, and we need space to explore who we are. Blending my real world experience and clinical skill, I have the patience and understanding to help you work through whatever difficulty has presented itself.

I have a broad foundation of clinical experience you can find described here. I work with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, grief/loss, unsatisfactory relationships, and many other life changes and difficulties. I enjoy working with and have additional training in the areas of childhood emotional neglect and abuse (adults struggling to make sense of/overcome these issues), complex trauma, parenting, life transitions, and families supporting a loved one in addiction recovery. I also have a passion for working with caregivers/families supporting and caring for a chronically ill patient. I find it is very easy to lose ourselves in the process of caring for another; it can be a big learning curve to accept the need to prioritize ourselves and our needs alongside the needs of our loved one.

My overall treatment philosophy can be found here. My style in working with clients tends to be individualized to the specific client, always informed by attachment theory and at times drawing on my training in narrative therapy and mindfulness which help to facilitate that sense of openness and freedom so many of us are after.