The most important part of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. Everything comes down to that. Research consistently shows that despite the orientation and methods of the therapist, it is the therapeutic relationship that creates change. I put this right up front in this section simply to say your sense of comfort and safety should be your guide when choosing the right therapist.

I aim to create a comfortable and safe setting by honoring your experience as a human being, and what makes you who you are. You have survived every day of your life so far, so there must be strengths within you that have gotten you here. Our task is to understand how you have developed your particular worldview, and how that worldview may be affecting your current experience with friends, spouses, co-workers, and family.

We create our sense of self based on our experience in relationships through each stage of our development. Marriage and family therapists are trained to look at an individual within the larger context of relationships, aka the ‘social system’ that you come from. I believe this wider context should include a space for your cultural background, family of origin, identity, religious and spiritual beliefs, and every other facet that contributes to your story. Our work together includes exploring how you have integrated the messages from your social system into your current perspective, and how this affects your overall functioning.

My main goal is to help you stop avoiding all your “stuff” and create space for you to begin experiencing life in a deeper, more enjoyable and satisfying way. Instead of being completely content- or goal-driven, my style of therapy includes how you are feeling, thinking, and reacting to the therapy process itself. This inclusion of transference, as it is called, can provide insight into current and past conflicts that paves the way for a richer understanding of yourself.

I am happy to answer questions or discuss any concerns when we meet for the initial consultation. This is a shared journey, and I want you to play an active role in your therapy.